Automate your bookkeeping and let Albert do the work for you


Earn an extra hour without the extra work by letting Albert automate your bookkeeping


An extra hour

Everyone would like a little more time in their lives, right? An extra hour to play with your kids, an extra hour in bed, an extra hour of sunshine on a summer’s day. And when you work for yourself those hours are even more precious. You’re already going out there and killing it every day, because every hour you work is another hour of getting paid to do the work you love.

Everyone who works for themselves, from the barristers, coders and cleaners to the writers, shed-makers and yoga teachers, could do with a little break sometimes. A treat for smashing it out there in the big wide world.  

So we got our thinking caps on to work out how to help. Help make the world a friendlier, more straightforward place. And we thought, what about getting a bit of time back for you? An extra hour back without having to put in all the graft. 

So we made a friendly, pocket bookkeeping mobile app that does just that. Automated, easy to use, low hassle bookkeeping. Saving you that little extra time that you would have spent working without losing out.

We bookkeeping tech

And who doesn’t?! Ok so we might not be in the majority with our love of bookkeeping but hey, everyone’s has to have a specialist topic that they’d take on Mastermind. We might be a techy, slightly geeky bunch but if there’s one thing we know, its how to build an app that takes the stress out of bookkeeping by doing it for you. And do well on a pub quiz, because even tech geeks have to get out sometimes. 



Albert is the brainchild of the creators behind award winning mobile-apps such as, NatWest, RBS and the BBC. Albert provides its users with a simple and unique solution to automate bookkeeping. Read here how Albert v1.0 was built on a flight from L.A. to London.

An innovative, fast growing technology company, disrupting business finance management for the solo self-employed, it was launched in early 2016. Backed by the early investors behind Skype and Wix - Mangrove Capital - and other high-profile investors, the company has been recognised as UK startup of the year. 


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