Jack of all trades, Ace of one

If you’re looking to pick up more work as a creative freelancer, you might want to start thinking about expanding your skill sets (unless you’re already a connoisseur, of course!).

A copywriter might be asked for social media knowledge, a digital designer could be asked about their business acumen. It literally pays to be well-rounded.

So why don’t we whet your appetite with a few examples of jobs/industries and the types of skills that are good to have in the bag. If you’re on you’re A-game, maybe you’ll even be able to cross off a few skills right now!

Web Designer

  • HTML (basic language for creating web pages/applications)
  • CSS (style sheet language used for describing the presentation of an HTML document, or other mark-up language)
  • Javascript (an untyped, interpreted programming language as widely a used as HTML and CSS on the web)
  • CMS (a computer app for the creation/modification of digital content to support multiple users working in a collaborative environment).
  • jQuery (a Javascript library)

Digital Content Designer

  • UX / UI (User Experience Design / User Interface Design)
  • Adobe Suite (creative software package)
  • Sketch (design software)
  • Wordpress (website hosting/creating application)
  • Square Space (website hosting/building application)
  • Wireframing (visual guide/skeletal framework of a website)
  • Mobile Design

Graphic Designer/Illustrator

  • Adobe Suite
  • Sketch
  • A diploma or training in art, drawing or painting (also check online courses such as Sotheby'sThe Art Institute and many art universities also have online courses).


Social Media Manager

  • Excellent writing skills: blogging experience or some training from a creative writing course.
  • Digital Marketing (see above).
  • Hootsuite (a platform for managing social media).
  • Google Analytics / Facebook Analytics (online activity data).

If you’re looking for some quick training, why don’t you start with these relatively cheap but highly recommended website suggestions:

Whether you’re just starting out in a new field, or are looking to broaden your horizon, prospects or business ‘toolbox’; the surest way to becoming a guru master of your craft is by having the most amount of knowledge. Spending your hard-earned cash on yourself is an investment, and will yield more in the long term. So treat yourself, enrol on a course and see what happens!

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