Tactics to boost your social media reach...

...without spending money

Whatever your freelance skill, whatever your product, if you are in the business of selling today you aren't doing well if you don’t go Social. With powerhouses Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest all easily accessible and free, there are tools a-plenty at your fingertips to give you access to a bigger audience than ever before.  

For all its potential, however, it can sometimes seem hard to grasp the great audiences hidden in the World Wide Web. Here’s how we suggest you access as many prospective clients as possible, as effectively as possible:


Make a Perfect Plan

It’s all well and good to communicate with the masses on these platforms but it’s unlikely that your service or product is going to be everyone’s cup of tea. You are chasing tangible, quantifiable results and these will not be achieved without a clear and concise plan. Do your research – what are you offering? Who would buy it? And what exactly are you hoping to achieve from your Social Media engagement? Whether you want to sell or simply spread the word, knowing what your end-game is and targeting your performance is the smart way to spend your time.

Instagram: @floating_colour

Instagram: @floating_colour

Make sure to open accounts across all major social media outlets, using the same business name  universally to protect your brand. While it is worth having some form of presence in all areas, it is clear that some platforms are better suited to certain services. Looking at what influencers in your field are using should offer shortcuts that will enable you to concentrate your efforts.


Once your research is completed, put together a two week plan of what content you will share, on which platform and when. Any longer will not give you the flexibility to respond to the current events which affect the digital world and any less time would make it difficult to truly guarantee you a presence across all platforms.

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