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Freelancing for the total beginner

If you’re trying to make a real go of it in the freelancing world, then don’t be disheartened just because you’re the new kid on the block. It may well feel like it, but getting your first client isn’t impossible and doesn’t have to take forever. So don’t give up the hustle before you even try it! We’ve put together 4 quick tips to help you embark on the self-employed route.

1. Don’t start by targeting too wide a range of clients from the get-go.

Focus on getting your first one, and trust that the rest will follow by themselves. By focusing on one client you can pour all your resources, energy and effort into them and are more likely to win their business over. Go after a client you want, but also be realistic about your choice. For example, finding someone through a mutual contact is usually more successful than a cold call. If you want to advertise, make yourself visible where the client is looking. The best way to do this is by defining your niche/target market.

2. Experience is helpful but not essential.

Be confident in your portfolio as the proof you can do what you say you can. And it can include anything you’ve done and completed well, whether for a stranger, a friend, your mum, yourself or your pet. Just make sure the quality is of the utmost!

Don’t start by targeting too wide a range of clients from the get-go

3. Conferences, workshops and events relating to your area.

They are a fine place to meet competitors, clients and peers (which can sometimes be one and the same!). So don’t avoid these types of events, as they are likely to be where you make your best partnerships (you know, the kind that pass on projects to you when they can’t complete them for price/time reasons).

4. Create accounts with the same brand name across all the different social media platforms.

Your social media engagement can target a huge audience spectrum. You can then also use this data to estimate email addresses and launch email campaigns announcing your services. 

If you feel like going solo would improve your work/life balance, you’re not alone. 78% of the UK public believe the same thing. Freelancing promotes a lifestyle with flexibility, but it’s easy to let the uncertainty of business prospects daunt you. All you need to remember is, it only takes one client to get the ball rolling (and the money flowing). 

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