Universifree? Freelance your way through Uni!

Are you looking for ways to pay for those looming, monstrously massive University fees? Maybe you’re just feeling like, between the full-time uni, part-time volunteer work and unpaid internships, there’s not nearly enough time (or money!) left for social blowouts.

Yeah you want a successful career, but does it have to put you into bankruptcy and cost you your social life in the process? Well if you haven’t considered it before, freelancing just might be the way forward. Here are a few tips to get started as a freelancer while studying at university.

Apart from being paid work experience, and looking good on your CV, the benefits of being a freelancer are many:

  1. You can work from home (and nurse your hangover in the process!).
  2. You will start to build up your portfolio and be taken seriously by other professionals (a “self-starter”, etc.).
  3. You’ll be getting more money for less hours of work (so you’ll probably be begging for more hours of work, not less!).
  4. You get to choose the people you work with. (You don’t have to like all your clients, but refusing a rude client once in a while can be so satisfying…).
  5. Be the envy of all your mates.

Whilst you might be convinced by now that freelancing sounds like a good idea, you’re probably wondering how to actually get started. Here’s how:

Your peers, friends and family are all potential networking opportunities. Use them, speak to them, tell them you’re ready to sell your time.

Get involved. Participate in talks, extracurricular activities, societies and workshops at uni. You never know what corner your next client might be lurking behind, so be sure to have some cool cards that say ‘POW’, that you can pop into people’s hands linking them to your ‘folio. Check out MOOfor awesome cards.

Start thinking about using your social media to show off your skills (not just for the hook-ups and parties!)

Check out website platforms such as The Freelancer Club , Freelancer , Upwork and Behance . These are great places for posting or applying for projects and jobs. 


If you’re a student in need of a job that can fit around your study schedule and also teach you a wide range of life skills in the process, there’s no time like the present to get started as a freelancer.

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