Starting your side hustle

Not everyone wants to jump right in and go freelance straight away. There can be quite a few barriers to going it alone (how will I pay the bills?!), but starting as a side hustle can be a great way to get going without the pressure of giving up your pay cheque straight away. It also lets you build up a client base and test out some ideas without the added worry wondering if you’ll earn enough to keep the lights on.


The big question of course is how to get going with your side hustle. Well here are a few of our favourite tips:

Tell people

Ok so this might seem super obvious, but a lot of people come over all shy when they’re starting out and miss an easy win at the start. Telling people that they are starting a business on the side! Your friends and family will (hopefully) be your biggest advocates and help you to get things going through word of mouth.

Develop your ideas

Now is a great time to be testing things out - try out that new recipe, reach out to that new client, basically just try out as much as you can. While you’ve got regular income from another source, testing out new avenues can be relatively risk free and gives you a chance to understand how successful they might be before going full time.

Use the creative outlet

Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to have just one side hustle. You can actually start as many as you like! Though bare in mind time restrictions might force you to only do one thing at time… The important point here is that if you’re brimming with creativity and want to start doing all the things, that’s ok! Just test out what works and what doesn’t and drop anything that you don’t think will make you money in the long run. I’m sure your mum will still love those lumpy scarves you make...

Time waits for no one

Get started now! A side hustle can be a wonderful use of your spare time and bring in some extra cash. Rather than leaving that idea in your imagination, get it out into the world where it can earn you some money!

There you have it our top tricks for getting started and taking a step to being your own boss. Whatever you do make sure you keep track of you register your new business where necessary and track expenses and invoices correctly. Don’t want to end up in trouble with the tax man now do we?

Lucy Watson