It all started on a plane

Whilst waiting for a flight at an L.A. airport, founders Dan and Ivo could not believe there was no easy solution on their phone to sort out their invoices and expenses. Or even better, why their phone wasn’t doing this for them already?

As freelancers they were used to working on the go, but the prospect of arriving back in the UK on a Sunday morning and spending their time in front of a spreadsheet instead of their friends and families sounded ridiculous. As fans of super-simple productivity apps, on a trip back across the Atlantic, they built a prototype of how they thought bookkeeping should work on a mobile, which they showed to self-employed friends. These friends asked if they could have it the same day, and that's when Dan and Ivo quit their jobs to start Albert.

They built Albert on a couple of important principles; building the best product and preventing people from being stressed about their finances. 

The best products are simple, high-quality and beautiful. The only way technology can help as many people as possible is by being approachable and trusted. So Albert marries it all together. It is one of the very few tech startups in the UK that is founded by an engineer and a designer, which is a testament to its product DNA. At Albert we love building products people love. This shows in the many five-star ratings Albert receives from its users.

And of course finances play an important part in everyone's lives. Especially getting paid when you’re self-employed. Most bookkeeping and accounting products however - designed by financial experts and accountants - alienate people and are designed for bigger companies, which is crazy considering if you’re self-employed you deal with these products every day. So Albert aims to make bookkeeping accessible, automated and easy to understand. Crazy isn’t it?

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