Getting paid pronto is paramount

Get paid instantly, by anyone using Paypal, IBAN and SWIFT

We believe as a freelancer you should be able to get paid the way that best suits you. That’s why, to keep you ahead of the curve, we’ve updated the design of our app and nifty templates to include a dedicated section for any payment method you wish - including PayPal, IBAN, SWIFT, bank name, account no., and sort code.

No more free work, unpaid invoices or waiting games to get the cash in the bank. It’s time to finally get paid the way you want.

1. Get Paid Directly with Paypal:We’ve linked up with our amigos at PayPal so your lovely clients can pay you with the click of a button. How does it work? It’s simple. Add your PayPal details under Bank Account Info, and Albert will automatically add a dedicated PayPal button within the ‘Payment Method’ section of each and every one of your invoices. This will allow your clients to pay you promptly and without the hassle of setting you up on their internet banking.


2. Get Paid by Anyone, Anywhere:Have clients scattered around the world? You’re no longer limited to invoicing UK clients with Albert, and are now able to get paid just as easily by overseas and international clients, using the IBAN and SWIFT feature also available in the ‘Payment Method’ section of our invoices. Your invoicing knows no boundaries - not anymore!

3. Easy Peasy Support: Now you can enjoy the ease of having contact support from within the app, so there’s always someone on hand for any of your queries - even if you’re just feeling a little lonely and want to say ‘hi’!

4. Help a Freelancing Friend: Let your buddies know how much time they can save themselves by using Albert’s invoicing superpowers. We have a new, easy way of recommending the app to a freelancing friend in need!


We’re all hands on deck finding new ways to improve the Albert experience for you, our lovely users, so your invoicing jaunts run as smooth as possible. Stay professional and at the top of your game, and watch this space whilst we continue to help you do that, little by little. :)