Master the details with itemise invoices

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Albert launches a new feature that lets you create itemised invoices in the simplest way ever, straight from your phone. So you can sort it straight from your work.

  1. Add the description and amount for each item.
  2. Simply tap the number of units (e.g. for number of worked hours) and if VAT applies.
  3. Albert gives you the sub-totals and total invoice amount in one simple list.
  4. There is no need to navigate to other screens; simply scroll through the list to see all your detailed costs.

Gone are the days of complex spreadsheets, tables and calculators. 


Creating an itemised invoice in 30 seconds

Why are itemised invoices important?

Your clients can ask to specify the costs of your invoice, which can include cost for materials, expenses (e.g. travel), and renumeration for hours worked.

Good cash flow: By clarifying all invoice details immediately, you will avoid late payments as the client won’t question anything and will proceed immediately with payment in most cases.

Look professional: By specifying your work and costs accurately, you will look professionally and increase chances for future work from this client.  

Avoid mistakes: Albert helps getting your invoice totals correct by doing all calculations for you: Albert adds VAT, generates sub-totals and the full invoice amount.