The devil's in the details

Never miss the info that matters with Albert.

Albert has added a smart, little feature and uses a design technique called “progressive disclosure” to help you complete all your invoice information, whilst keeping the core part super simple.

We all slip up from time to time and when you’re dashing from one job to the other, it’s all too easy not to dot the I’s and cross the t’s when invoicing. Mistakes are inevitable. But Albert’s got your back with a couple of smart tricks.

1.     Deactivation:When specific invoice information such as the amount is missing from an invoice, Albert de-activates the send button.

2.     Warning: When more generic company information, such as the bank details is missing, Alberts warns you about it.

3.     One tap away:By applying the design technique ‘progressive disclosure’ Albert keeps your main invoice screen simple and uncluttered, but allows you to access and check the more generic information with just one tap. When you access the details menu, the menu immediately displays the data, so you don’t need to jump across many screens to check all information.


With these new little improvements, Albert is taking care of the small details that can sometimes be the big difference between getting paid and not getting paid. And while Albert is taking care of your invoicing that leaves you able to do what you do best.