Time to get personal

Here atAlbert, we are all about getting your invoices beautifully signed, carefully sealed and successfully delivered; now, we’re going the extra mile and offering you the chance to make them truly yours. We're excited to introduce you two new features that will set you apart by giving your invoices that extra personal touch.

Feature 1: Make your invoices your own.

We’ve made our templates easy to amend so that you can include anything you need to:

  • Personal messages. Work on your client relationships by adding a personal note to your invoices, keeping you connected even in formal exchanges.
  • Email signatures.Promote your brand by signing off your invoices in any way you choose.
  • Promote your social media:Add your Facebook pages, Instagram pages, or twitter profiles to build the relationships with your clients on social media.
  • Other additional notes. Clarify any payment or business details. For example, you can include information such as PayPal details or T’s and C’s.
  • Auto-save.Albert helps you by automatically saving your message for the next invoice, so you don’t have to adjust it for each invoice.

Feature 2: Check all details with Preview.

Albert gives you a very easy opportunity to preview all invoice details, and your personal message, before hitting the send button. Here is what you need to know about the final check:

  • Easy to access.The preview feature is easily accessed from the more option at the bottom of the invoice, once you have added your personal notes.
  • Instant amendments.Amendments can be made swiftly should you need to, which are immediately reflected in the Preview..
  • Zoom in and Out.You can review the whole invoice with the zooming feature, looking at everything from the big picture to the fine details, ensuring no errors are made.

These features are available now, so add your own touch to your beautiful invoices.