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Smart invoice numbering

This week, Albert brings you one of our most highly-anticipated features yet – smart invoice numbering.

Manual numbering is a sure-fire way to get your goat when creating invoices. Is this invoice number correct? Have I repeated myself? The checklist to get it right is time-consuming and tiring. The Albert team has worked very hard to make our new feature a true help for the user in a way that no other app does.

Here’s what our numbering feature can do for you:

  • Personalisation:It lets you add any preferred invoice label you like, meaning you can personalise labels and make them unique to projects.
  • Number continuation:It lets you start your sequence at any number from which you choose.
  • Auto-increment: Albert automatically selects the next available number in your chosen sequence for you, cutting your work down to a minimum.
  • Duplicate warning:Albert warns you when a number has already been used, preventing you from making time-consuming mistakes.
  • Multi-sequences: It gives you the ability to use multiple sequences with separate numbers.
  • Sequence hints:When a new number is created, Albert automatically shows you what the next number in the sequence would be for your reference so you can think ahead.

Our numbering feature helps in a smart way, a way that gives ours users the flexibility to fix their own format and the back-up checks guaranteeing they get it right.

How do I add a reference number to my invoice? Here are some examples to show you how easy it is:


Client  (Beauty Good age Models Ltd.)
First invoice: BEA 001
Second invoice: BEA 002
And so on…: BEA ---


Client  (Fancy Hairstylist Ltd.)
First invoice: FAN 001
Second invoice: FAN 002
And so on…: FAN ---

Everything is up to you! You can choose any format or system that makes it easiest for your monitoring.

Albert’s invoice numbering system is something you can count on. It’s the smartest one out there, designed and built to help its busy users enjoy an easier life.