Sorry. Boring is over.

Colour & customise your invoices in a tap.

Roses are red, violets are blue. What about invoices?

We think they need a little colour too! Business paperwork can often look dull and monochrome, but at Albert we think it's time to abandon those 50 shades of grey. Today we are launching a new feature that will enable you to add or change the colour you theme your invoices with.

Albert cares about your brand and we know what a great showcase your invoice is to reinforce it. So it's time to get creative, here's what you can do with the feature:

  • Choose from 14 beautiful colours,  specially selected to cater to a range of styles and designed to make you stand out from the crowd. 
  • Easy to use with a simple carousel systemto help you try out and select the best colour for your brand.
  • Preview of invoice available instantly so you can see what works and what doesn't before your clients see it.
  • This flexible feature allows you to change colour as often as you like, keeping your brand exciting for your customers! 
  • Make your own beautiful invoices withyour own logoand colour. 

It's even easy to use - here's how:

  • Open the “more” menu on the invoice.
  • Select "Preview".
  • Select "Change Colour".
  • Pick your favourite colour from the range and click save.
  • Albert will then automatically select this colour for every consequent invoice.

Simples! And just like that you have a beautiful invoice with a logo and fancy colour to match.