One tap. It's a wrap!

To make submitting your tax or monthly reporting super easy, Albert lets you share your files in one simple tap.

Being an industry first, it’s one button that collects all your invoice files, generates an overview report and shares them with yourself or your accountant.

From your mobile, so you even can do it while skiing in Les Alpes!

one tap.png

If you’re a fresh freelancer with paycheques generally coming from a colourful array of places and people that are hard to keep track of, then chances are January is the month you’ve been dreading. Not because your gym membership will finally have to come into use, but because you will now have to greet the New Year with many a sleepless night, trawling through paperwork, emails and invoices going back twelve months, to complete those taunting taxes!

Whether you DIY or prefer to pass the buck to your accountant, we believe that tax season can be a smooth and seamless ride for everyone involved. This is why we’ve created a magic button that will garner all that information for you in one fell swoop, and send it via email to whoever you like!


How does it work?

  1. Albert can share your files and invoice report to your own inbox, or for example your accountant's inbox.
  2. When you share your files, Albert creates a unique, personal folder in Dropbox where it saves all your PDF files, neatly organised.
  3. Albert will also create an overview report - CSV formatted and Xero compatible - that can be used to import your data into accounting or any other software.
  4. Both the report and a link to the folder will be sent in one email. You will always receive a second copy, in case you want to send it to your accountant.

Perhaps now that Albert has found a super easy and convenient way to save you a bunch of time and hassle on taxes, you can now enjoy your January a little more!