All in one - Invoices & expenses

So, Why Expense?

Tap the links below for a quick demonstration of how to do deduct expenses for tax purposes, and for a free downloadable PDF Expenses Guide which lists everything you can and can't expense.

Tracking your expenses can really help to save a lot of money at the end of the year. We always recommend our clients to stay on top of their expenses.
— Accountant Matt Freeman - Numbers Studio Brighton

But, How does the expense feature work?

Try these 3 all-in-one features in the app:

Jan 23One+Access+Point-05.png

One Spot to Access The Lot!

The same, quick button to start an invoice or expense.

Jan 23 One+To-Do+List_icon-02.png

One Scroll for it All!

One To-Do list to see all your invoices and expenses altogether in one single list.

Jan 23One+Download_icon-03.png

One Tap & it's a Wrap!

One button to download absolutely everything you'll need for all your reporting.

A new, smarter design

We've created a better user-experience with a smoother workflow when recording expenses. Now you can:

  • Zoom in to better view the receipt's details whilst logging it; and

  • Remain in view mode whilst you select an expense category.

Technical Drawings-01.jpg

Best Dish_lato font-01.jpg