Save work as you go - like a pro!

Never Lose an Hour with Auto-Saving Draft Invoices

How many hours do you think you’ve wasted in the past, racking your brain and rifling through your diary, when the time comes to send that invoice? What if I told you, you never had to lose an hour of time or money again? What if I told you Albert’s new feature can help you with this...?

Here’s what you can do with Auto-Saving Draft Invoices:                    

  • Time-tracking. Keeping precise and accurate track of your hours as you go. Essentially, use it as a timesheet.
  • Project management.Note down your jobs, expenses and all other items to be sent to your client at the end of a given project. Kiss goodbye to accidental omissions or unsaved job details. Say hello to thorough invoices.       
  • Prepare well.Create a draft invoice before a job, so it’s ready to be sent straight after. Waste no time faffing around.
  • Note-taking.Make a quick note of something, if/when needed. Don’t forget that quick job you squeezed in, or that rushed expense you had to complete last minute.
  • Use time snappily.Finalise and send your invoices when and where you’re ready. You don’t have to use your day off - send it whilst you wait at the dentist, or even en route to the pub!

Using this new draft feature is as easy as pie! Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a new invoice.
  2. Add the information you want to it.
  3. Close it and select ‘save’ on your way out.
  4. Access this new draft in your To-Do list
  5. Add more info to the draft anytime - it will save automatically.
  6. Open it and send the invoice as normal, when you want to.
  7. Enjoy saving unlimited drafts for free.

One more thing…  Pincode reset.

Just because we know how much you all love a cherry on a cake, we’ve baked a bonus feature into this update - a PIN reset function! You can now forget your PIN all you want - after all, research shows that adults, on average, forget three things a day. In view of that, here’s how to reset your PIN:

  1. Select ‘Forgot my Pincode’ from the support button
  2. You will then receive an email with a reset option
  3. Type in your new pincode, twice
  4. Open the app again and login with new pincode - voila!

Let the draft do the remembering, whilst you do the work!