Roll up for discounts


Get even more invoicing power in your pocket. Apply discounts & CIS deductions, track mileage and create credit notes.


1. CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) invoices

  • Why? Any contractors working in the construction industry or the trade who are CIS-registered are entitled to a 20% deduction on labour costs.

  • How it works: After creating your invoice, create a line item with a 20% discount off all labour costs (making sure VAT is not included).


2. Discounts and deductions

  • Why? You may want to apply a discount to a client for a bunch of reasons - a reduction in price as a nice-to-do for a special client, or, a popular one, confirming that the client has already prepaid part of the invoice.

  • How it works: When creating an invoice, add a line item with your discount or prepaid amount, and make sure to add the minus so the amount is discounted.


3. Partial mileage and unit recording

  • Why? The drivers among you told us you often charge by the mile or hour. So we added decimals for true accuracy. A photographer, say, could charge for 1 h 30 for a photoshoot, which means he would charge for a unit of 1.5, or 26.7 miles driven.

  • How it works: When creating an invoice, simply add the unit amount that reflects your hours or amount of miles and multiply it by your rate.

4. Credit notes

  • Why? If you need to issue a refund to your client or need to cancel your previously sent invoice, you’ll need to send them a credit note.

  • How it works: Add the total amount previously invoiced on your new invoice and make sure to tap the minus button. In the description, be sure to explain which invoice the credit note is against.

That’s all folks. Happy invoicing 😀!!


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