Case study: Dance teacher


Dance teacher


I run a dance studio, send out 150-200 invoices every month. Before I discovered Albert I used to create invoices on Word, which took forever and kept crashing. There are some systems out there that are specifically for dance schools but they are expensive. But Albert saves me hours! I use it probably 2-3 hours a month but if I didn't have it, I could easily spend over 9 hours a month on invoicing and expenses. 

I looked on the App Store, as there is a big network of dance teachers on Facebook who recommend goods, services and suppliers. Someone mentioned a different app for something and I thought there must be an app for invoicing and expenses and that's how I came across Albert. Now I recommend it to loads of people like other teachers and even my electrician! 

When I first downloaded the app, I started using the invoicing function straightaway. I usually take cash for classes but like seeing it all laid out clearly in the inbox without having to print paper and chase people. I then started using the expenses part too, which is fantastic as I have to buy lots of props, often off Amazon and Ebay. All I have to do is screen shot the transaction and receipt and it's in there. 

I love being able to do my finances on the go, between lessons or at lunch, and get far more done with Albert than I ever could before. I actually use it rather than an accountant. Albert gives me the support I need and I can my accounts on my own! 

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