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Before Albert all my invoices were created in Adobe InDesign. As I had the creative suite to hand, I thought it would be ok but in fact it was a bloody nightmare! I ended up having a browse on the App Store and thought I'd give Albert a go and its been absolutely amazing! All the other invoicing apps were for bigger organisations, not for people like me who are self employed. 

I do about 100 invoices in a year and the best part of it is that I can do them all from the pub! Digital finance is the future for me with no more printing and mailing invoices (or pdfs!). My favourite feature is the notification once a clients invoice has been opened. I also love the fact that I can create a zipfile in an instant and mail it straight over to my accountant. All in all, when you're self employed you have to do everything so anything that will make my life easier is appreciated!

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