Case study: Plumber




I was looking for a simple to use app so I could produce an invoice on the spot. Previously I had to go home and spend the evening invoicing, keep a record of it, spending hours of time but now that I can invoice on the spot I've got nothing to do in the evening! My clients prefer to be invoiced on the spot so that if they have any queries I'm there to answer them.

I found out about Albert through a plumbing group on Facebook. They were discussing invoicing and someone mentioned Albert so I thought I'd give it a go. I've tried some of the other apps, but none are as simple to use Albert. Just a few easy boxes and connected to my bank account so I can see when an invoice has been paid.

The best bit is being able to zip file all my invoices so I can do my year end accounts. It means I can share them easily with my accountant and has ended up saving me about £200 a year as well as valuable time.


HQ Mobile LTD