Case study: Plumber

Jim - The 24hr Plumber



Albert is the ideal solution for me. I’ve only recently set up my own plumbing business and as I don’t have a laptop or tablet, I do everything from my phone. Using an app like Albert just makes things so much simpler as I can invoice a client at the end of a job while they are still with me. It saves any arguments later, they can pay there and then if they like and avoids any disputes down the line. It also means I get paid faster, as the client isn’t waiting around for an invoice and then forgetting about it!

When I first got started, I wasn’t sure where to begin when it came to the finance side of things. Albert was actually recommended to me by a friend on Twitter, as he knew that I would want to be able to my bookkeeping from my phone and wouldn’t want anything too complicated or that involved printing lots of paper invoices. So I decided to give it a go and found it so much better than the other options out there. The others tend to have a whole load of pop-up for services which aren’t relevant to me (they seem to be aimed at bigger small businesses) and aren’t anywhere near as easy to use.

Lucy Watson